Key features

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Swing, Snap, Squirt, Scuba and Stripe will provide you with personalised maths tuition for ages 4-12. RM Easimaths guides learners through maths concepts in a fun and engaging way that adapts to their needs. 

  • Personalised¬†

    Activities are truly personalised in RM Easimaths as data is continuously collected on each learner. This means that the difficulty levels are cleverly and automatically adjusted to suit the individual needs of each and every student.

  • Detailed reports

    Detailed reporting within RM Easimaths provides important data for teachers to support them in planning lessons, or to take more targeted action to intervene when a student is falling behind, or needs more challenging work. Flexible reporting gives data at an individual, group or class level.

  • Fun and easy to use

    Being Web-based means that you don't have to worry about installing and maintaining any software. Logging in through a Web browser means you will always be accessing RM Easimaths with all the latest product enhancements and updates as soon as they are available, whether that's from home or in school.

  • Maths in context

    Mastering maths is something that will benefit students throughout their lives, so learning maths shouldn't be restricted to set hours in a classroom. The more students see maths as an integral part of day-to-day life, the more natural it becomes. RM Easimaths is a Web-based solution that is accessible online whenever and wherever you need it, whether that's at home, in school or working out how much pocket money is available to spend on that new toy!

  • Home access

    Simple home access allows parents and carers to get actively involved with learning maths in the home, joining in the learning exercises. And because RM Easimaths takes students through solving the challenges, parents won't feel the need to have all the answers if they aren't confident of their own maths skill level.

  • Customised learning

    Anytime, anywhere access and differentiated activities mean that students can learn at a pace that is comfortable and appropriate to their own abilities, whilst ensuring that activities are challenging and engaging every time.