Skill for life

Who wouldn't agree that maths is a basic skill that every child should have the opportunity to develop. Whatever level they achieve it's knowledge that will help them throughout life as they manage their own finances and homes as adults. It's a skill that is more successfully developed if nurtured from a young age. Research shows that a high proportion of adults with severe numeracy difficulties already showed signs at primary school. Early intervention can make a difference and increase the chances of every child today.


Easimaths and the curriculum

RM Easimaths comes packed with more than 6,000 activities for students of different ages and abilities. Content covers the English National Curriculum and the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence, including partitioning patterns for teens using money problems, physical and mental addition, introducing symbols and memory tests for multiplication tables.

Students are shown key concepts and taken step by step through how to tackle them, and they can get clues from the software where they need a little bit of help. Extra challenges can be given where students do well. Activities are ranged from simple to advanced, covering from English National Curriculum sub level 1c, through to sub level 5a and Scottish Curriculum for Excellence P1 to P7.


Key benefits in the classroom

Built on the proven RM Maths software already used by thousands of UK schools, RM Easimaths is our latest development designed to help students improve their maths skills and capabilities. With a myriad of exciting new features such as a cast of fun characters and a user-friendly interface, it's designed to make learning maths engaging and effective. The broad range of carefully structured activities allows students to progress at a pace appropriate to their own individual abilities, encouraging them to "have a go" without the fear of exposure in front of the class and their friends. The reporting tools designed within RM Easimaths allow you to analyse progress by individual, groups or class, and plan lessons accordingly.

You can also be confident that the software is using that data too, and automatically adjusting the activities to fit the abilities of each and every student. This differentiated work means students that are doing well are being challenged, and students that are struggling are getting the support they need because you've been able to spot difficulties early and intervene. If you're looking for something that can make a real difference to your students in learning maths, you may have just found it in RM Easimaths.


It's fun

Finding ways of making certain topics exciting can sometimes take everything you have as a teacher! So a helping hand can often make all the difference in engaging students. And engaged students learn more effectively. Maths can sometimes fit into that category of "difficult to make exciting", especially when you start introducing multiplication patterns, number grids and partitioning. RM Easimaths is jam-packed full of fun activities that can be great for whole-class teaching or individual work.

The characters that guide you through Easimaths are colourful and quirky, and appealing to a range of ages. The software does the hard work for you by making maths enjoyable whether in class or for homework. The user-friendly interface also means it's simple for students to get on with activities rather than needing "training", so you can focus your energy supporting the students that need extra help whilst everyone else is absorbed in solving their next exciting maths challenge.



As well as helping you spend less time planning lessons, RM Easimaths can also be used for homework. As it is a Web-based service, it's accessible online from anywhere with an Internet connection, whether that's in school, at home or out-and-about on a mobile device. There are thousands of activities available and each one is differentiated to the abilities of every student. And the more you use RM Easimaths, the more accurate the ability adjustments are as it gathers more data each time students complete the tasks set. The activities are short so you can set numerous tasks.