OK tell me more

RM Easimaths comes packed with activities for students of different ages and abilities. The content covers the English National Curriculum and the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence, including partitioning patterns for numbers 10-19 using money problems, physical and mental addition, introducing symbols and memory tests for multiplication tables.


Fun and easy to use

But with all this great content it has to be easy to use so that students can work independently whether at school or at home. RM Easimaths is a Web-based solution so it's available online wherever you are. It has a colourful, user-friendly interface and a cast of fun characters with unique personalities that children can identify with. So not only is it simple to use, it doesn't even feel like they're learning.


Student progress

There's also a host of other features to help support students including the automatic collection of student progress data providing information on individual performance. These built-in diagnostics run continuously in the background and determine which exercises and materials are selected, making personalisation a much easier task. Specific activities can be pulled out around particular objectives to support students at individual or group level. It's great features like this that save you time in planning lessons so you can get on with the task of teaching.